(Istanbul, Cappadocia, Bodrum, Antalya)

About Turkey

Turkey has 17 UNESCO World Heritages Sites, and 51 World Heritage Sites in the tentative List



Currency:Turkish Lira

Calling Code:+212

Time Zone:GMT+3



Turkey also has beautiful beaches where one can relax and explore. Many beaches in Turkey are shingle beaches with mixes of sand and pebbles. There are only few real sandy beaches in Turkey but for beautiful scenery and clear beaches many shingle beaches are considered better

Ham-man Bath

Lying on the stone or seated in one of the niches, the treatment begins with a muscle kneading massage and then pours of warm water , followed by vigorous scrubs using a rough cloth glove, called Kese, all over the front and then back of the body to remove dead skin.After rinsing off the dead skin , mounds of bubbles are piled onto the body and black soap is massaged into the skin

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