(Accra, Akosombo, Kumasi)

About Ghana

Capital: Accra
Languages: English is the official language recognized
Currency: Ghanaian Cedis
Calling code:+233
Time Zone: GMT


Cape Coast Castle

This is a cultural and historical experience.Take a close look at the coat of Ghana and you will find myriad ancient castles and forts, marking the beginning of the slaves perilous journey during the era of the slave trade. These fortresses were the last memory slaves had of their homeland before being shipped off across the Atlantic never to return again.

Boti Waterfalls

Explore the Aburi gardens, learn about the origins of coca (raw material for chocolate) in Ghana and enjoy the spectacular scenic view of Accra from the mountain tops of and Boti falls where we have the Umbrella Rock and Three Headed Palm tree

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