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OVERVIEW: Travel Osusu redefines the way you experience travel, by planning with us, you can pay small, small ahead of your desired travel destination. Travel Osusu is inspired by the traditional Osusu system, where communities pull in monetary resources to achieve common goals.

A-Bay Tours empowers you as frequent travelers or first-time travelers to gradually fund your travel goals through manageable installments, whether it’s a luxurious beach retreat, a thrilling safari expedition, or a cultural escapade, we believe that everyone deserves to travel, and Travel Osusu makes every desired travel goal attainable. 

Travel Osusu

What is Travel Osusu?

TRAVEL OSUSU: is a travel program initiated by A-Bay Tours, offering our customers and first-time travelers the opportunity to save and make installment payments towards achieving their travel goals.

This program helps you plan better towards executing your long-term travel goals” 

The Travel Osusu program is open for frequent travelers and first-time travelers who have a desire to travel but lack enough funds at the moment to accomplish their travel goals. 

Travel goal

How it works:

  • Choose your adventure: Browse through our curated selection of travel packages tailored to your desired destination and budget. 
  • Customize your Plan: Select your desired destination, travel dates, accommodations, and activities to create your personalized itinerary. 
  • Flexible Payment Opportunity: Divide your trip into manageable installments for a stress-free journey.
  • Save to Travel:  Experience the joy of paying small increments towards your dream vacation.
  • Seamless Experience: A-Bay Tours handles all the details, from planning to execution.
  • Global Destinations: Discover captivating locales worldwide, from Africa to Europe and beyond!

Payment Plan:

Your Unforgettable Journey Awaits: On the payment Plan, you are required to pay in 3 installments for at least 3 (Three) months or more.

  • First Installment: Secure your spot with just a 33% down payment in the Travel Osusu program
  • Second Installment: Pay another 33% to move one step closer to your dream getaway.
  • Final Installment: Your adventure is within reach with the remaining 34% payment.
  • Pack Your Bags: Travel to your chosen destination and savor the A-Bay Tours travel experience! 

What Next?

Text Travel Osusu to any of our platforms or contact details below to join the A-Bay Tours Travel Osusu Program today!

📞 Contact: +2349060003799, +2349124636363

We believe that everyone deserves to travel the world with A-Bay Tours! “You do the packing, we do the planning.

Why choose Travel Osusu with A-Bay Tours.

  • Affordability and Expertise: We’re renowned for our award-winning travel services across Africa, Europe, and the UAE. Keying into travel Osusu with A-bay Tours will help reduce your financial strain. With Travel Osusu, you can spread the cost of your trip over time, making it accessible to everyone.
  • Flexible and Customer-Centric: Tailor your savings plan to fit your lifestyle and financial capabilities. Whether you want to save aggressively or at a more leisurely pace, Travel Osusu with A-bay Tours adapts to your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority, delivering tailored travel solutions.
  • Peace of Mind and Global Network: Travel with confidence knowing that your vacation is fully funded and expertly planned by our seasoned professional travel agent. This unlocks access to top destinations and exclusive experiences. 
  • Community Spirit and Hassle-Free: Joining a community of like-minded travelers who share your passion for exploration and adventure. Exchanging tips, stories, and experiences, enrich your journey both on and off the road. Your planning is rest assured with us and your journey is seamless from start to finish. 
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